New Scholarships Available!
New Scholarships Available
New Scholarship Available The Theta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa will award a scholarship to a future educator.  Click HERE for the application. 

The Virginia School Plant Management Association is awarding a scholarship to high school seniors who are interested in trades.  Click HERE to get to the application. 

Female seniors who are interested in pursuing a degree in the field of education can apply for a grant provided by Delta Kappa Gamma, and International Society for Key Women Educators.  Click HERE to get the application. 

Here you will find a scholarship opportunity for seniors who plan to pursue a degree in the field of education.  This scholarship is provided by the Roanoke City Retire Educators Association.  Click HERE for the application. 

Virginia Sheriff's Institute Scholarship Program is for senior students who are interested in criminal justice. Click HERE for the application.  

The Rich Murray Journalism Scholarship is presented annually to a graduating Virginia high school student who excels in the area of sports journalism and must be pursing a college degree in journalism, communication, video, media or a related field with intentions of pursing a career in sports.  Click HERE for the application.