Key Topics for the Year



  • Online Assignments
    • 40%
    • Students will be checked on completion and accuracy of all online assignments
  • Quizzes / Tests
    • 30%
    • These will be mandatory and will result in a zero if not taken.
  • Work Place Readiness Skills
    • 30%
    • student involvement with canvas assignments and teams’ meetings will greatly affect their grade.
    • Students are expected to exhibit a behavior that they will use in the workplace. These behaviors include; proper etiquette, behavior, attitude, attendance, and actions.

Makeup of any missed work will need to be scheduled outside of class time, so as to not interfere with ongoing instruction.  Any work not done will result in a zero in the 9 week report card.

  • Grade Range
    • 90 – 100 A
    • 80 – 89 B
    • 70 - 79 C
    • 60 – 69 D
    • 0 – 59 F



 Work Place Readiness will be taught through out the entire School year 

OSHA 10 certification: all students will be required to pass the OSHA 10 online class developed by CareerSafe 

Introduction to Hand Tools (10 Hours) - (Module ID 00103-15) Introduces common hand tools used in a variety of construction crafts. Identifies tools and how to safely use them. Proper hand tool maintenance is also presented.


Introduction to Power Tools (10 Hours) - (Module ID 00104-15) Identifies and describes the operation of many power tools common in the construction environment. Provides instruction on proper use, as well as on safe-handling guidelines and basic maintenance.


Introduction to Construction Drawings (10 Hours) - (Module ID 00105-15) Introduces the basic elements of construction drawings. The common components of drawings are presented, as well as the most common drawing types. The use of drawing scales and how to measure drawings is also covered.


Basic Communication Skills (7.5 Hours) - (Module ID 00107-15) Provides good techniques for effective communication on the job. Includes examples that emphasize the importance of both written and verbal communication skills. Describes the importance of reading skills in the construction industry and covers proper techniques to use in a variety of different written communication formats.


Basic Employability Skills (7.5 Hours) - (Module ID 00108-15) Describes the opportunities offered by the construction trades. Discusses critical thinking and essential problem-solving skills for the construction industry. Also identifies and discusses positive social skills and their value in the workplace.


Introduction to Material Handling (5 Hours) - (Module ID 00109-15) Describes the hazards associated with handling materials and provides techniques to avoid both injury and property damage. Common material-handling equipment is also introduced.


Introduction to construction math (10 Hours)  Reviews basic math skills related to the construction trades and demonstrates how they apply to the trades. Covers multiple systems of measurement, decimals, fractions, and basic geometry.


Basic safety (Construction site safety Orientation) (12.5 Hours) aligns to OSHA’s 10-hour program that all students will have to complete.The program was designed to prepare trainees for the widely recognized safety
certifications offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, including the
Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST). 


Certifications Offered

  • Workplace Readiness
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • NCCER Core Competencies
  • Costumer service