Medical Terminology
Syllabus for Medical Terminology Course:Medical Terminology 8383/ Medical Terminology 143 and 144 School/College:ROTEC/VWCC Dual EnrollmentSemesters:Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Class Location:Online and/or in class Course start date:August 24, 2021Course end date:June 9, 2022 Instructor:Nora Akins RN, PTAClassroom Phone:540-853-2803School Email:[email protected]Office Hours:By appointment M-F 3-3:30pm Office Location:Rotec 6004Dual Enrollment through Virginia Western Community College offered at ROTEC on William Fleming campusCourse DescriptionFundamentals of common medical terminology and concepts, especially those of basic science, biology, anatomy, physiology, and medicine are studied.An understanding of medical abbreviations and terms is provided, including the study of prefixes, suffixes, word stems, and technical terms with emphasis on proper spelling, pronunciation, and usage. Complex skills and techniques in understanding medical terminology is emphasized. An introduction to anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions for body systems, as well as abbreviations are included. Medical terminology is a specialized language for the health care team that allows team members to communicate in a concise and accurate way.
Prerequisites9th gradeHLT 143/144 (medical term) (both 3 credit courses) – 3.0 & Algebra I SOLIf under 18, you must fill out the permission slipCourse RequirementsThe following materials are required for successful participation in the course:Adobe Reader (Links to an external site.).Computer speakers or headphones. (This course includes audio components.)Cloud-based storage, such as Microsoft 365 (Links to an external site.) or Google DriveLinks to an external site. or Dropbox (Links to an external site.).com. (Remember to save backup copies of coursework!)The Language of Medicine, Chabner, 11th Edition. ISBN: 978032370813Access to a medical dictionary (optional)Ancillary information (texts, videos, audio, slides) is provided in the online course site and through Internet links.Course Outline/ScheduleResponse Time: Instructor response time is 36 hours for questions posted in the Learning Management System and sent via email. This response time excludes weekends, official school closures, and other times as noted by the instructor. Should you need live assistance, email me to arrange a meeting by phone or in person.Important Note: Refer to the course calendar for specific meeting dates and times. Activity and assignment details will be explained in detail within each week's corresponding learning module. If you have any questions, please contact me.Student Learning OutcomesStudents will construct and dissect medical and scientific terms through the recognition of word roots, prefixes, and suffixesStudents will relate medical terms to the structure and function of the human bodyStudents will demonstrate the use of correct terminology in writing assignments.Students will analyze original, published medical case reports and correctly interpret the terminology presented therein.
AssignmentsInstructional content is organized into 18 modules: 10 in first semester and 8 in second semester.Modules 1-4: Basic word structure and body organizationStudents will divide medical terms into component partsStudents will learn common combining forms, suffixes, and prefixesStudents will identify medical specialists and describe their specialties.Students will read and complete assignments from course materials made available in Canvas.Modules 5-22: Body systemsStudents will learn terminology, pathology, and anatomy for the major human body systems.Students will define terms associated with planes of the body.Students will read and complete assignments from course materials made available in Canvas.