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Tutoring Hours:  3:30 - 4:30 Monday/Tuesday  (Must have 1 days notice before staying)

** PLEASE check your student email and teacher web site at least every other day for updates from teacher. **

Virtual Work during covid_19 break


New Assignment:  Complete all work below: EVERFI Keys to your Future, EVERFI*NEW*, Career Exploration worksheet, Cover Letter, and Resume.  Last date to turn work in is: Seniors Friday 5/15/20 and Underclassmen Friday 5/22/20.  

Those students that have completed all work are finished with this class!  Congratulations!



ASSIGNMENT:  Download the word document below entitled "Resume".  Use the job from the last assignment (Cover Letter) and complete the Resume document with that job. Once complete, turn in through drop box assignment entitled "Resume" or email it to teacher.

DUE DATE: Friday 5/8/20



ASSIGNMENT:Download the word document below entitled "Cover Letter".  Pick 1 of the 3 jobs from question #4 on the Career Exploration worksheet (If you turned in the worksheet and did not save a copy, pick a job of interest). Use that 1 job to research and create your own cover letter. The document that you download below is an example of what it should look like.

DUE DATE: Friday 5/1/20



Assignment:  Download the word document entitled "Career Exploration" and complete.
Due date is 4/24/20.


ASSIGNMENT: Click document entitled "EVERFI_Enrollment_instructions".  Follow the instruction on the sheet and enroll by your Block (B1, B2, A3, etc).  Students are to complete assignments in each lesson.  Teacher will be able to see students progress and turned in assignments.

** All Lessons in "Keys to your future" module were due on 3/31/20 but still available.  If completed after 3/31/20 you will receive partial credit.  **

** New module "EVERFI*NEW*" opened Monday (3/30/20).  Use same registration codes as "Keys to your future". The due date for the first half of EVERFI*NEW* module is Friday 4/3/20.

Take Spring Break off...

Complete entire EVERFI*NEW* module by 4/17/20**

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