Weekly Instructions
Hello all. For the first two weeks out of school please review notes included in the useful links on this page. Review note packet in preparation for the NOCTI certification exam. Review math word problem packet and culinary measurements handout. You should be able to tell me how many ounces in a cup or how many cups are in a pint or quart and how many teaspoons or tablespoons are in a gallon at the very least. 

If we are out of school longer, we will use SP/2 for on line content delivery and assessment. Use the link on this page. An account has been created for you. Your username and password are your student identification number. Please begin with the job interview module. I will be checking your progress. 


Hello Culinary students. Well it looks as though we will be out for the remainder of the year. For those of you with internet access, I have assigned 6 modules to complete on the SP/2 website. For those without internet, I have assigned 6 chapters from our text book the culinary professional (to be picked up in the Bus loop between 9:00 and 1:00, for walkers and car riders, or at your bus stop). If you manage to get internet service and want to switch from working out of the text book to completing on-line work you may do so. All students must complete 6 modules or chapters or a combination of the two. All work must be completed or turned in by May 15th for grading. This must happen for you to graduate or move on to the next level.

 This is not a lot of work for the amount of time we have left. If you have access to a kitchen, I strongly encourage you to cook at home and send me pictures to display on our ROTEC webpage. This could count for extra credit particularly if you challenge yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

My home phone number is 540-345-8019. If I don’t pick up, leave a message. Do not call the school with questions for me.

To access your account on SP/2. Type in SP/2 on your browser or use the link on my webpage. Log in using your school ID as the username & password. Click training. You may complete the modules in any order. Read the material or watch the video then take the test. You may take multiple attempts to pass.

I miss the majority of you folks. I have enjoyed cooking with you. I hope I have adequately inspired you to pick up the torch and carry on with your culinary endeavors. I look forward to seeing my returning students next year and hopefully participate in a graduation ceremony with my seniors from this Year.

 All the best   Chef Henry