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Mr. Dan Isaacs

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All students must complete the second semester of course work via the method that has been determined by the teacher, in order to earn credit for the second semester. All assigned work in a “credit” class will be graded. This means the work assigned will be for a grade.

Most students should already have a PASS laptop that was provided by the division for use and this will work fine for class. Any student who needs electronic device assistance can come by the school’s bus loading zone between 12:00-1:00 for assistance. My classes will require a computer, since it is a computer class whether Digital Applications or Web Design.

Internet access will make the work much easier for the student, if not available, I am working on a method to provide the material to the student so they will be able to complete the work. Other option, Cox Cable has agreed to provide internet to families with school children – check under educational resources on the main page for more information.

Either way the student will be required to turn in assignments to demonstrate they have completed the work and understand the material presented.

I will be available via email and will answer students’ questions by email or I will call during the regular school day hours as needed to help them be successful.


On Moodle students will find more detailed information about assignments and login information for the other online platforms we will be using during this time.

Assignments will be listed on Moodle as well how to start a new course if needed.
Moodle Link

To use Moodle, follow the link or go to ->students ->web-based student programs
 -> Moodlerooms -> Programs ->ROTEC -> search courses -> Isaacs -> Find you class
Digital Applications, Beginning Web Design, or Advanced Web Design.

User name and password for Moodle are the same as your computer log in.