Principles of Business & Marketing


Course #6115


Instructor: Mr. Truax

(540) 853-2255 x. 7426


Course Description

This course is designed for under classmen and allows students to discover the roles of business and marketing in the free enterprise system and the global economy.  Basic financial concepts of banking, insurance, credit, inheritance, taxation, and investments are investigated to provide a strong background as students prepare to make sound decisions as consumers, wage earners, and citizens.  The real-world impact of technology, effective communication, and interpersonal skills is evident throughout the course. This course also supports career development skills and explores career options.  As with other CTE courses, content taught in this course is aligned with the Standards of Learning of Virginia.  It will also help prepare the student for industry certification assessments.



  • Textbook:Dlabay, L. R., Burrow, J. L., & Kleindl, B. A. (2012). Principles of Business (8th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning. – To be kept in class.



    Students are strongly encouraged to become a member of FBLA.  There is a small fee of $20.00 for membership but the benefits more than outweigh the expense.


    Certifications Offered

  • Workplace Readiness



A list of competencies is provided.  This list of competencies will guide both instruction and rubric grading.  However, below is a broad sampling of topics to be covered.

  • Workplace Readiness
    • Personal Qualities & People Skills
    • Professional Knowledge & Skills
    • Technology Knowledge & Skills
    • Examination of All Aspects of an Industry
    • Application & Implementation in Student Life

      Topics (cont.)

  • FBLA
    • Participation
    • Activities – Volunteering opportunities
    • Conferences
  • Global Economics
    • Decisions & Systems
    • Activity & Business Internationally
    • Social Responsibility of Business & Government
  • Organization & Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Management, Leadership, Organization
    • Human Resources
    • Career Planning
  • Operations & Technology
    • Marketing
    • Technology
    • Finances
    • Production & Operations
    • Risk Management
  • Personal Finances
    • In Light of Global Economy
    • Planning & Management
    • Financial Services
    • Credit, Savings, Investment, & Insurance



  • Quizzes / Tests
    • These will be mandatory and will result in a zero if not taken.
    • Some projects, because of their nature, will be counted as either a quiz or a test.Students will be notified as to how it will be graded and it will also be on Parent / Student Portal.
    • Quizzes and tests will account for approximately 50% of the grade.
  • Classwork / Homework
    • This will include reviews, formative assessments such as exit quizzes, and small projects done in class.
    • Classwork will account for 30% of the grade.
  • Workplace Readiness Skills
    • This grade will be impacted by student behavior.Students are expected to exhibit a behavior that they will use in the workplace. This grade is intended to encourage good behavior and to remediate inappropriate behavior.These behaviors include; proper etiquette, behavior, attitude, attendance, and actions.
    • Workplace Readiness Skills will account for 20% of the grade.

      Makeup of any missed work will need to be scheduled outside of classtime, so as to not interfere with ongoing instruction.  Any work not done will result in a zero in the 9 week report card.


  • Grade Range
    • 90 – 100A
    • 80 – 89B
    • 70 - 79C
    • 60 – 69D
    • 0 – 59F


Statement for Students with Disabilities

Any student with a documented disability will receive the accommodations in his/her IEP or 504 plan. If those accommodations are not sufficient for academic progress, the teacher, student, or parent may contact the case manager to arrange for a meeting to discuss additional options.

Statement on Academic Integrity

Patrick Henry seeks to maintain an optimal learning environment. General principles of academic honesty include respect for the intellectual property of others, the expectation that individual work will be submitted unless otherwise allowed by an instructor, and the obligations both to protect one’s own academic work from misuse by others as well as to avoid using another’s work as one’s own. All students are expected to understand and abide by these principles. Students representing the work of another as their own will receive a grade of “F” on that assignment in addition to other possible disciplinary actions


Classroom Policies

The rules of Roanoke City Public Schools and Patrick Henry High School apply to this course.  Below are some of those policies.

  • Attendance:Students are expected to come to class prepared, on time, every day.Absenteeism and tardiness negatively affect the 20% assigned to workplace readiness skills.
  • Hall Passes: Students may not leave the classroom without permission.
  • Make-up Work:It is the student’s responsibility to find out what material has been covered in his or her absence.Any work missed due to excused absences, field trips, or suspensions must be made up within five (5) school days.Late work will not be accepted after this 5 day period and will result in a zero on that assignment.
  • Food and Drink: Food and drinks (including bottled water) are NOT permitted in the classroom.
  • Graded work:Cheating on a project, quiz, test, or other assignment will result in a zero (0) for that assignment, and a referral to school administration.Group work, when specified, will be graded as group work.
  • It is expected that students will be respectful and strive to succeed.
  • Please read the Student Handbook and abide by all school policies.

** Syllabus is subject to change

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