Nationals Again!
Nationals Again!
Posted on 04/12/2021

They did it again! Seven Teachers for Tomorrow cadets competed in the Educator's Rising competition this past weekend, and six are headed to Nationals!! Kudos go out to Ms. Janney as well for continuing to provide such enriching educational opportunities and support for her students.

PH Juniors Taylor Frazier and Dakota Ward placed 1st in "Researching Learning Challenges"
PH Senior Hannah Sparrow placed 1st in "Exploring Support Services"
PH Junior Declyn Leftwich placed 2nd in "Exploring Non-Core Subject Areas"
PH Senior Heidi Lopez placed 2nd in "Job Interview"
PH Junior Fiona Murphy placed 2nd in "Educators Rising Leadership" and 2nd in "Children's Literature" -

Check out a recording of the book she wrote and illustrated, "Becoming a Ballerina," here: