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Ms Newman

Please text me at 300-1774
or email me at
and I use the Remind app for all class communications

Instructions for online learning

Medical Terminology

You will be using Moodle.  You will need the Remind App.

To use Moodle, go to ->students ->web-based student programs -> Moodlerooms -> Programs ->ROTEC -> search courses -> newman -> medical technology

Once you are in our Medical Technology Moodleroom, scroll down to first PDF, which is your assignment/due date schedule.  On 3/17, you will take the Cardiovascular Test listed under Cardiovascular System and then begin studying the Endocrinology System. 

You are to study exactly how you have been taught.  The only exception is that I am not teaching you.  You are teaching you.  Use your book.  Use the power point and activities provided.  Use the packet PDF you are used to receiving as help in studying.  Use Quizlet.  Use the pronunciation links provided under the schedule link in Moodle.  The terms you are required to know will be pulled from the Key Terms PDF.  You are responsible for taking your own notes.  Definitions are to be delivered using the drop box in Synergy.  You may make your own quiz cards if you are used to that, but because this format is all online, I need your definitions to be online via drop box as well.

Quizzes and tests will be opened on the day they are due and will be closed the day after. This means you have 24 hours to complete your quiz/test assignment.  If you are sick or have an extenuating circumstance like no internet, your parent must email me the specifics. 

I would like to communicate with each of you using the Remind app. 

For Medical Terminology A days, download the app and enter the class code @fk9ced.  If you cannot get the app, then text 81010 and send this message @fk9ced

For Medical Terminology B days, use the code @fe8dad6     If you cannot get the app, then text 81010 and send the message @fe8dad6

And as always, you can email me at

Intro to Healthcare A2 and A3

A3 is going to have to play a little catch up (one day’s worth) to meet the schedule deadlines.  You will be using electronic worksheets for some assignments, my teacher page for your schedule with your assignments/due dates, and Remind app for communication purposes with you.

Remind app for A2 students: class code is @kd2747b

Remind app for A3 students:  class code is @ch6e77

If you cannot get the remind app, then text  to 81010 and send your class code as a message